Kilbeggan Whiskey Brand Redesign

A Drop of the Good Stuff

DESIGN AGENCY: DYNAMOCLIENT: Cooley Distillery. DIRECTOR / CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Jamie Helly, Richard Seabrooke. DESIGNERS: Jamie Helly, Wes Trumble. 
TYPOGRAPHERS: Martin Wait (Identity Clean Up), Wes Trumble.
ILLUSTRATORS : Wes Trumble (Barrells). Visitors Guide: Steve Doogan (Isometric Map).

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Visitors Guide: Getty (iStock). Brand Guidelines: Cooley Distillery (Supplied Images /Various Unknown Photographers), Matthew Thompson. 

Turning Cooley's flagship whiskey into a global brand could not be achieved without first taking a look at the rich history behind the Teeling family distillery. Unlocking the secrets of the distillery with its water powered mill, pot stills, storehouses and archive, led us to discover that this was in fact the oldest distillery; not just in Co. Louth, but in the world. Looking to the archive for visual authenticity and by elevating existing colour palettes, every element was crafted to bring this unloved brand up to date.


While at Dynamo, Wes created designs for the blend, reserve and 18 year old whiskies and with the team in Cooley, redesigned the Distillery Experience to reignite interest in the building as a tourist destination. He also created the brand guidelines supporting this family of whiskies built on strong historical foundations.

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