Linwoods Healthy Seeds Brand Design

Your Link to Good Food

PROJECT: Linwoods Healthy Brand Identity and Healthy Seeds Packaging Redesign. DESIGN AGENCY: DYNAMOCLIENT: Linwoods. 
DESIGN DIRECTOR: Jamie Helly. DESIGNER: Wes Trumble. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Trevor Hart / Getty (iStock).

When John Woods discovered the health benefits of organic milled flaxseed he wanted to share it with the world. After winning the pitch to rebrand the Linwoods Healthy Seeds packaging, Dynamo set about making John's vision a reality.


While at Dynamo, Wes revisited the core brand device and designed a bespoke word mark linking together the 'O's in 'LINWOODS'. This was supported by the tagline "Your link to good food". Wes quickly discovered the links could also be used to striking effect to differentiate the products. The linked device also helped solve the problem of having to show raw 'milled seed' alongside the product in use.


In 2012 the packaging was revisited with a stronger focus on heart health. Wes simply changed the 'O's into linked hearts, with the designs linking up when placed next to each other on shelf . The simplest of solutions for an already successful design.

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