Linwoods Bakery Brand Design

Brand New Look, Same Great Taste!

DESIGN AGENCY: DYNAMOCLIENT: Linwoods. DIRECTOR / CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Bakery: Jamie Helly, Richard Seabrooke.
Toasted Breads: Jamie Helly, Conor Wynne. DESIGNER: Wes Trumble. ILLUSTRATOR:
 Toasted Breads: Gail Kelly.

Creating standout for your product ranges can be an issue when you are lead by existing category norms, especially where colour is concerned. However, attempting to redefine the category by using ownable brand colours has its own risks as you cannot predict how the market will react. 


While at Dynamo, Wes worked closely with the client with the aim of creating a stand-alone bakery brand. Losing the Linwoods lozenge and locking up 'bakery' to the logotype was just the start. He then proposed a new colour; purple. The typographic treatments still spoke the language of bread but the colours did not. This disruptive approach was balanced out with the introduction of category specific colours for morning goods, confectionery/cakes and speciality breads.

Following the surprising success of this approach, Dynamo were asked to create packaging for a new range of premium toasted breads which would be sold exclusively in the UK by artisan retailers. Aimed at the tourist market and with the designs firmly rooted in Irishness, tradition and craft, colour was once again employed to add vibrancy for differentiation and to create stand out in a busy market.

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