Mooju Energy

It's On!

DESIGN: Wes Trumble. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Shutterstock.

With ‘Protein’ being the buzzword for 2017 the team in Avonmore developed a healthier alternative to many of the energy sports drinks on the market with added protein, B Vitamins and caffeine. Energy, derived from carbs, fat and protein in a healthy balanced diet, meant Mooju Energy was perfectly positioned to give Irish consumers aged 16-24 that extra added boost in their busy daily lives.


For Avonmore the Mooju brand was the only sacred cow, with milk was seen as the least important ingredient with the added protein, caffeine and Vitamins providing the necessary natural energy kick. This meant that the design approach had to be braver, bolder and more disruptive than that used for the core Mooju ranges. Wes created dynamic, moving branding and packaging that fit seamlessly within this busy category.


In early 2018 Mooju Energy literally exploded onto the shelves with a supporting online campaign letting consumers know ’It’s On’ and that with Mooju Energy, Avonmore had raised the bar.

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